You might be surprised to discover that Mount Meru has a National Park of its own!  It may not be the size of Serengeti, but Arusha National Park is an unspoiled, beautiful destination where you can encounter an incredible diversity of wildlife.


Among the Park’s mammals include elephants, giraffes, buffalo, impala, zebras, blue monkeys, baboons and – most notably – the rare black and white colobus monkey, found nowhere else on the northern safari circuit.  Its bird species include (among a great many others) flamingoes, bee-eaters, rollers, weaver birds, herons and storks.


Arusha National Park is comprised of a range of different habitats, including montane forest, a deep volcanic crater with a marshy floor, the seven Momella Lakes, and wild fig trees (oreteti) that are viewed as sacred places by the Maasai people.

It is the only National Park on the northern circuit (apart from Kilimanjaro) where hiking is permitted within the Park boundaries when accompanied by an armed ranger.


We offer two options: either a full-day game drive in a 4×4 vehicle, or a half-day game drive combined with half a day’s hiking with a ranger.

Please contact us to book your Arusha National Park safari or explore our other activities on and around Mount Meru, e.g. waterfall walks, cultural programs, Lake Duluti excursions and (for experienced climbers) the trek to the summit, which also takes place within the boundaries of the National Park.