One-Day Walking Tour

The day hike takes you through many small villages, where you’ll learn from your guide about the culture, traditions, and folklore of the Wa-Arusha and Wa-Meru people.  You can read more about these fascinating communities in our guest blog by environmental anthropologist Gemma Burford.

You’ll meet many people as you walk: local farmers on their way to the fields, women carrying water or going to the shops and markets, school students in smart uniforms, pre-school children who greet you with cries of “Good-morning-teacher-how-are-you?”

You’ll discover the traditional livelihood strategies of Mount Meru: growing bananas, plantains, maize, potatoes, avocados and many other food crops, and small-scale livestock herding (stall-fed cattle, goats and sheep).


The people you’ll meet on your tour are very friendly and in one of the villages, you’ll be offered a traditional medicinal tea called Ormanyinyikwai in the Maa language (wild thyme), which can help to prevent and treat stomach problems.

Cultural Immersion Program

For those who want a deeper and more authentic experience of Mount Meru, we also offer a two-day program that combines walking, an overnight stay and cultural activities. You can choose from two accommodation options: camping or homestay.

You’ll learn from your hosts about the ways that they make a living, visit their farms, meet their livestock, help them cook the evening meal, and join them after dinner in singing traditional songs.

Maasai women preparing a traditional food called ‘loshoro’

In the morning, you’ll wake up to a mug of spiced tea and home-baked chapati (flat bread) with fresh fruit.  From there, you’ll take a tour of a coffee plantation, and then discover the mountain’s medicinal plants and how they’re prepared.

Please contact us for a Cultural Program quotation or check out our other activities: waterfall walking tours, Arusha National Park safaris, excursions to Lake Duluti, and trekking to the summit of Mount Meru.